About Us

Hi, my name’s Julio Grana  and I wanted to let you know a little of how the story of ‘Cousin Jacks Pasty Co’ started back in 2010. I migrated from Southern England to Australia in 2004 and over the years of living in Sydney, I had the fortune of visiting the UK many times. Each time I would look forward to going to the local Cornish Pasty store to eat some freshly baked pasties.

For many years the idea grew in my mind that freshly baked Cornish Pasties could be a firm favourite in the minds and the stomachs of Australians just like they are all over the UK. You might be thinking ‘but I’ve seen Cornish Pasties around in local bakeries’, well until you’ve had a proper Cornish Pasty made to the proper recipes and methods handed down by the generations, you’ve not had a proper Cornish pasty. You see unlike a pie, a Cornish Pasty is all about real pieces of meat and healthy vegetables you can see, cooked slowly over an hour to let all the favours & juices combine in its distinctive hand held shaped pastry.

The rich history of the Australian Cornish in the mines and surrounding areas of South Australia inspired us to make the Cornish Pasty true again in Australia. We worked hard recreating all the traditional recipes you can taste (and smell, wafting out the door) from Cornish Pasty bakeries all over the UK. We started hand making the pasties at home and selling at the local markets of Sydney calling ourselves Revolution Pasties ‘Bringing back the original Pasty’. With flavours like Spinach, Cheese & Corn, Salmon & cream with dill & capers and of course the traditional Cornish pasty with Beef, Swede & potato all becoming firm favourites with our regulars.

Along with the store came a new and authentic name ‘Cousin Jacks’ in honour of the nickname given to the Cornish who migrated to Australia. The Cousin Jacks team and I are passionate about making authentic Traditional Cornish Pasties and we’ve also invented a few unique different Cousin Jacks pasties along the way. This is what we stand by, traditional handmade Cornish pasties, freshly baked throughout the day, rich in flavour in and history.

In May 2013 the Bondi Junction store turned 1 year old with a celebration of inviting all those who built the store or had a key part in building the company, to a 1 year celebration at the store.  After one year Cousin Jacks Pasty Co. had made over 100,000 Pasties of all different flavours and sizes, each one individually crimped by hand by our dedicated pasty making team.

We have also won multiple awards in our first year in both appreciation of making the finest Pasties in Australia, and Sydney government business awards in recognition of our business quality and principles.

Plans for the future are to expand to a 2nd location with encouragement of many of our regulars asking us to open nearer to their place of residence or their office. This we will do when the time for expansion is right, making more hand-made freshly baked Pasties across Sydney, wholesome food on the go, watch this space…