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We have received some great feedback from our lovely customers, here are some we’ve picked out and our replies:

Just discovered your products on Saturday. I came back to BJ today to have another one. They are fabulous, thank you. I wish you well in business and hope you open a store in Surry Hills, from Ken Ryan.

Thanks very much Ken, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this on our Facebook page and comments page on our website as we are so happy when people take the time to write positive things.

“Hi Mark, Just wanted to thank you for bringing proper Cornish pasties to Sydney. Bear in mind I’ve not tried them so don’t know how they stack up! I’m an Aussie – lived in Falmouth, Cornwall for 14 years from the age of 7 and had a serious number of pasties in my time there. I’ve been so looking forward to SOMEONE having the drive and passion (I’m sure it wasn’t easy) to bring them to the masses. My brother (a chef) tried but could never get the pastry quite right – bit of an art as you probably know. (Something to do with lard?) Anyway, I’m quite beside myself in anticipation of visiting your store. I wish you all the best and hope you’re able to open many more stores in Sydney. From Scott Frewer”

Hi Scott, That’s a lovely email to receive and I will forward onto my team who all work very hard in the store and will love to read an email like that. Where do you live, not so close to the store in Bondi Junction? We are just about to start a ‘Pasties by Post’ service where we can post them frozen to you so you can bake at home, 12 is a economical number to send by post. It was very hard work to launch the company and make all the recipes, the pastry was very hard too, I trained for 6 months as a pastry chef and then opened Cousin Jacks and taught an apprentice who makes all the pastry now. We hope to see you visit the store one day, otherwise there’s our ‘Pasties by Post’ service.


“Good to see a Pasty company starting. Something, I must admit I had thought of doing myself. In reading your web site, I was so glad to see that you are using the right pastry and ingredients… except that the potato and turnip/suede should be sliced, not diced. Don’t know if that is to make it more interesting to the locals. Anyway, shall try and drop in and try. BTW, I’m from Marazion. Siobhan”

Hi Marazion, well in the very old days they used to use shortcrust pasty and it would have been very dry and unappetising as they didn’t have access to refined good quality flours like we do today. Our pastry is a rough puff or ¾ puff some people call it, it’s halfway between a  puff and a shortcrust in style. As for the ingredients, well a proper Cornish pasty has to be Beef, Swede (or Turnip) Potato and Onion and seasoning that’s all, and that’s all is in ours, the secret is in how you prepare it.


“we found your outlet on sat by chance, we are poms and love pastys, on your menu we saw that you do small original pastys, if we could we would buy a selection box of ten mixing the different fillings, only if you decided to make different small pastys with different fillings, maybe put this to other customers, we will be watching to see if this comes into play, thanks.” Mel and Jo

Hi Mel and Jo, we do small traditional pasties all through the day and we also do small size ones but in small amounts of some of our top sellers now also. If you are looking for a selection box of small ones of different flavours then we have a corporate/catering order form you can use to make your order over email, it’s really quick to fill in the quantities you want, email back and you’re done! If you would like that order form please ask.


“Really chuffed to have stumbled across this site, as a Somerset boy with a Cornish background (my second name means bog dweller in Cornish) I love my pasties. I live in Paddington so hopefully will become a regular customer! good luck! Jack”

Thanks the bog dweller! You would need a nice hot pasty when your down in the bog 🙂


“Hi – I was a regular buyer of uncooked pasties from your Taylor square market stall, and am wanting to know if you would have 2 traditional cornish and 2 chicken tikka masala pasties that are available uncooked for pickup around lunch time today – but I can’t find a phone number for you. Darren”

Hi, were always excited to see our old regulars from the Taylor square markets, we still miss the markets! We always hold stock out the back on uncooked pasties ready for you to bake at home. Just come into the store and ask for uncooked ones when you order and ask for the little “bake at home” instructions, and you’ll have fresh hot pasties at home before you know it! thanks Darren.


“Hi, Congratulations on the opening of the store! It’s been a long slog and it looks like all the effort was well worth it. What a great looking website and great business idea!!! We’re pretty excited about the South Australian connection with the Cornish miners! Look forward to trying one when we come back to Sydney. All the best, Jon and Jado”

Thanks Jon and Jado, we look forwards to your trying out our pasties in store also, apparently they are just as good if not better than the ones found near Adelaide.


“Hi , I was at your new food store over the weekend and already run a business in Melbourne but would like to know if you a interested in discussing a franchise in a suitable area in Melbourne. Thanks” Linda

Hi Linda, That is a very exciting idea and hot pasties on the go would be excellent in the colder climate of Melbourne. At the moment though we plan to keep making pasties to get them better and better with the feedback from our customers and our cooks and with the mid-term to look at opening another Cousin Jacks in Sydney. The long-term plan might be to Franchise and if we do we’ll speak later. We are very humbled for your interest in us as a business though, thank you.


“Traditional Cornish Pasties – this term can only be used within Cornwall when referring to pasties made outside the county- pasties baked elsewhere have to drop the Cornish adage. There was a ruling about it: Proper job.” Nicky

Hi Nicky, Yes you are correct what you say regarding the protected food status of the Cornish Pasty but this is only within the EU and we are in Australia so outside the EU. The ruling stipulates that a proper Cornish Pasty needs to only contain Beef, Swede (or turnip) Potato, Onion and seasoning and must be cooked from raw as per the traditional style.

Our Traditional Cornish Pasty follows this exact recipe and if it was sold in Cornwall it would qualify. In fact we have several regular customers who come in every week who are ex-pats from Cornwall and say our Traditional Cornish Pasties are as good as found in Cornwall if not better than they remember, which is very humbling feedback to get from true Cornishmen (and women) who grew up there.


“Hello, could you please provide ingredients list for Pumpkin cheese coriander pasty? I like to try it but I want to make sure it doesn’t contain anything I’m allergic to (msg, etc.) Thank you.”

Hi, our Pumpkin cheese coriander pasty has the following ingredients, Onion, salt, cracked Black pepper, plain flour, milk, cream, spinach, corn and tasty (cheddar) cheese. We do not add any artificial flavours, preservatives, especially no MSG in any of our products. If you are in-store and want to know what is in any of our products to help you, the counter staff can ask the cook who is on site every day up to 5pm.


“Hi guys I recently was surprised to see your shop (our office’s a block away but don’t leave my desk obviously enough!) and was delighted to have a traditional Cornish Pasty after having looked for ages for one that resembled those available in the 1970’s/80’s in Perth where I grew up. Love your pasties… congratulations! Great packaging, great menu, great concept too. Wishing you all the best for your business venture. Hope the Mall is good to you. – Colleen.”

Thanks for the nice feedback on our pasties and on all our concept as a whole, we’ve worked hard to make it look good and be different hopefully, everyone thinks we are a chain but we are in fact a family business, father, son and wife if you have a read on the ‘About us’ page you’ll see. See you at CJ’s.


“I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your pies. They are the most delicious and true value for money. May you continue to grow from strength to strength. – Craig Macaullay”

Thank you for your nice comment its lovely to receive such praise from our customers for all our hard work hand making the pasties. Please visit out Facebook page and like us if you haven’t already done so to see what we are up to.


So… I first tried your pasties a few months ago. And you assured me that they were the best. A big call…  I’ve eaten Cornish pasties since I was 7, when I used to visit my older sisters farm in Cornwall, and they were a part of my childhood, summer and winter. On moving to Australia 7 years ago, I had an occasional yearning for one. And they always disappointed. Too bland, to stodgy, whatever. Well, I came in again yesterday, as I was in the area. And you ‘persuaded’ me to try the ‘Breakfast’ pasty. So… Your regular pasties ARE the best I’ve had here, and would match the best in Cornwall! Your breakfast pasty was also SUPERB… Well done!! You need to expand.

I think I remember serving you. That’s a very positive wrap you gave our pasties. Thank you for your great feedback. We work very hard to make our pasties and service the best it can be and comments like yours must mean that we are doing something right 🙂