Franchising Opportunities

With 12 years under our belt, close to 4 digits of fans on our Facebook page and over 1300 people on our email newsletter list, multiple business awards and food awards for our Pasties and a profitable and well respected business in the industry, we are about ready to expand to allow others with a sound business knowledge and a love of our food into our Cousin Jacks family through partnerships and franchises.

Cousin Jacks Pasty Co. is tipped to be at the forefront of the modern Cornish Pasty revolution as seen in the UK and now starting in the US markets and with the right attitude you could join us in this journey.

Hot and Wholesome food on the go

If you’re reading this you are probably already a customer of ours, so you know that our Pasties are handmade using real local fruit, veggies and meat by our chefs and are baked fresh throughout the day. Our customers have come to expect above and beyond what a pie franchise can offer, and we pride ourselves on offering better quality products, our Pasties fit into the Premium quick food sector.

Even though our Pasties ingredients are of top quality they are surprisingly well priced for CousinJacksPastysOnDisplaythe size and what you get, this is the feedback we receive from our happy customers, and they will be your happy customers too.

Professional Process’s

Cousin Jacks since the beginning has invested heavily in process’s, from our web based ‘cloud’ point-of-sale devices, our in-house developed real-time stock control system and Xero accounting systems we use the latest technology and process’s to make an efficient and easy to report on business.

Gone are the days when just looking at the front display to guess how much you’ve sold; now you have real-time accurate sales data to look at. This allows you to predict sales more effectively, have the right staff on and have the right Pasties available for your customers and keep wastage <5%, all good for the business and the customer.

What we offer

  • Full rights to use the established and well respected Cousin Jacks Pasty Co. brand
  • Excellent advice in finding the ideal location and lease negotiation with our real estate advisor who has worked for all the largest Australian brands in location finding. 20 sqm to 50 sqm sites are ideal with the best return on lease.
  • Design of all fixtures, fittings and equipment based on our typical store layout designs, we can even do in-house 3D designs of your store now.
  • Detailed training in our working store, starting at quiet periods to learn our solid process’s and then the test working in a busy store to get training for your own store
  • Professional level but friendly support from the Cousin Jacks family, this is the founders and our dedicated friendly staff
  • Initial marketing launch on all our social media streams and large email distribution lists to promote your new store, in-street advertising, to get your first regulars in.
  • Help in finding local staff, we have pre-written job descriptions and gumtree adverts for all job roles, we have reference procedures and staff Operations Manuals we will share
  • Full training of our clever but easy to use web ‘cloud’ based till systems, sales reporting, real-time stock control and accounting systems. These systems are so clever and easy to use (all web-browser based) we have received many positive comments on these from industry specialists.

A family business with support

Above all Cousin Jacks had a small beginning from an idea, into a successful market stall in inner Sydney, to building the busiest takeaway food destination in Sydney’s Bondi Junction. As a business built and operated by family and close friends together, we are all about growing together and not chasing goals dictated by an out of touch investment board. Our passion for the product and working together will allow us to continue to grow.

As we say at Cousin Jacks, through the Pasty ‘We’ve a long history and a bright future’ and we hope for you to be a part of it.

If you are interested to work with Cousin Jacks Pasty Co or in looking at our franchise pack of further information then please get in contact with us on our ‘Contact us’ form.