Traditional Pasties

Traditional Cornish Pasty

A hand-crimped, traditional Cornish Steak pasty made to the true traditional recipe handed down by generations. We freshly prepare & dice potato, swede & onion and add a generous portion of diced skirt beef and seasoning. This is then mixed and placed onto the pastry and as per the traditional way slowly oven baked over an hour to allow the beef and vegetables to slow-cook to perfection.

Traditional Cornish ‘Oggy Oggy’ Pasty

The real pasty taste that comes from a combination of freshly diced farm potato, swede and onion and a good portion of chunks of steak, lightly seasoned so that the juices and flavours all infuse each other with a desert of fresh fruits in the other end for afters. (available only at certain times and in Extra large size only)

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