The Knockers

In a time before OH&S, Cornish miners had their own safety methods – pasties. Many wouldn’t enter a mine without one. In particular, it was the pasties’ thick, crimped crust that saved miners’ lives – the rest was a tasty bonus.

Cornish miners believed in Knockers – leprechaun like spirits that lived in the walls of the mines. Although held responsible for missing tools and cheeky pranks, the Knockers were revered. For all their mischief, Knockers would warn the miners of cave-ins by “knocking” on the mine wall. In return, the miners would cast their pasty crusts deep into the mineshafts to keep the Knockers content.

The all–purpose pasty crust has stood the test of time. Crusts of the past were as protective as a hard hat. And in today’s busy world, they let us eat on the run – crust and all.