The Mystery

Australians and the Cornish have plenty in common. Both love a yarn, a larrikin, and an adventure – especially one that starts in the pub.

It was 1854 and Cornwall was in recession. Seven recently unemployed miners were drowning their sorrows at The Star Inn, Newlyn. Desperate to get to Australia (where mining was booming) they couldn’t afford to buy their passage. A few beers later, they decided to make their way – literally.

With a few planks of wood and many a “she’ll be right” they transformed a shoddy fishing boat into a makeshift yacht – the first of its kind. Many wondered if they’d ever make it. So ‐ in true Cornish cheek ‐ they called their boat The Mystery.

114 days later they docked at Port Melbourne. Alive.

The crew went to the ends of the earth to make a good crust. And so will we. Our pasties have real identifiable ingredients ‐ leaving the only mystery in the history.